Benefits of CRM in a restaurant: Can it boost customer engagement?

Posted in   News   on  October 6, 2021 by  witmegadmin0

According to recent data, 97% of business owners are trying to improve the customer experience they offer while 40% of businesses don’t have a unified customer experience strategy.

If your business falls into either category, a CRM system may just be the solution you need. 

First and foremost, it automates the process of compiling insights and builds a database of your customers. When used as part of the right strategies, this data can prove to be a powerful tool—one that’s only limited by your creativity and intuition. 

As a restaurant owner, you can leverage this customer information and insights to create compelling experiences and mutually beneficial points of interaction.

Make your online ordering experience one that’s enjoyable for your customers

An online ordering system is a necessary expansion for any restaurant. It opens up your business to a whole new clientele; people you can attract to your restaurant if your food, presence and service are compelling enough. 

By collecting customer data over time across orders taking place online and in your restaurant, your CRM can give you the insights you need to optimise your online ordering experience. 

By tracking recurrent service issues, popular item combos and more, you can design your online ordering system in a way that streamlines the checkout process and presents your customers with unbeatable and irresistible offers.

While all of this benefits your company in the form of greater revenue, one of the biggest benefits of CRM in a restaurant is that it can improve your online presence and engage your audience more effectively.

When you know your customers, they’ll want to get to know you too

To offer a superior hospitality experience, you have to know your customers; this is another one of the biggest surefire benefits of CRM in a restaurant.

Your system will maintain a record of your customers, allowing you to detect ordering habits and patterns, offering you insights into how you can enhance their experience in a way that feels like your service is tailor-made for them—and them alone. 

Guest tracking powered by your CRM system will also allow you to offer guests customised menus based on their preferences. Even the rewards you offer them can be designed around their behaviours and interests.

What’s more, you can make your relationship with your customer personal—send them wishes on special occasions and tie that with personalised messaging that makes them feel like a valued part of your success.

Reward loyalty and offer personalised discounts and promotions

Another underrated benefit of CRM in a restaurant experience is that it allows you to reward customer loyalty in meaningful ways—and boost your revenue in the process. 

Using the data on your platform, you can create a reward system for your customers based on restaurant points they accumulate. This can, for instance, be tied to purchasing items off the menu they normally don’t or as they pass certain spending thresholds. 

You can also give them the opportunity to be the first to sample new menu items and offer other exclusive discounts and promos reserved for high spenders—a tried-and-tested way to boost loyalty.   

A good CX strategy can make your customers feel like they are important and appreciated; when this is driven by a powerful CRM system, you can not only boost their engagement but streamline customer management as well.

Building a loyal customer base is one of the biggest benefits of CRM in a restaurant

A powerful, analytics-driven CRM system is not an optional tool but a necessary one in today’s competitive hospitality industry. 

As a restaurant, it can help you get to know your customers and their preferences and create a hospitality experience that feels unique and personal.

Today, convenient and enjoyable experiences are what boost customer engagement and make restaurants stand out from their competitors; CRM systems provide you with the insights you need to create them.