Leverage cutting-edge technology to transform how you take wholesale orders

Supercharge your order taking process with our all-new wholesale order pad.

Creating a successful and efficient wholesale business requires you to focus on all aspects of your business, including how your field teams are performing and what tools they have at their disposal to perform their jobs at the optimal level—you need to regularly update the tools your teams have to stay on top of the fast-moving business environment.

One aspect of wholesale business that has remained unchanged until now is how your field teams take orders from your customers. With technology becoming a crucial part of the business, however, this needs to change.

Introducing our customer-site order pad!

The technology-driven solution to transform the way your sales teams take customer orders. With our paperless order taking system, you can mobilise your field sales personnel to reach more customers and take orders efficiently—and say goodbye to papers!

Our order taking solution will simplify the order taking experience for your sales team. With just a few clicks, your teams can access the inventory details and forward orders directly to the ERP system!

Returning customers is one of the greatest compliments any restaurant can receive. There’s something even better—returning customers who order online from your restaurant!

That’s what you can achieve with our restaurant ordering system when you choose WITMEG—turn your visiting customers into loyal patrons with our solution.

Start receiving and delivering orders with just the touch of the screen—no more waiting lists, no more delayed reservations.Our online ordering system is a win-win for all; you receive and fulfil more orders, and your customers enjoy your delicious dishes from the comfort of their homes.

You can transform your restaurant into the best place to eat in town and build a food empire with WITMEG—all without ever physically expanding your storefront!

Redefining the order taking process

Today, you have to leverage all available technology to gain that much-needed edge to stay ahead of your competition.

Our order pad enables your field teams to be more efficient than your competitors, allowing you to win over customers and enhance your sales potential.

Also, when provided with the right tools and support, your sales team will be more engaged and motivated to perform at the highest level, bringing in more orders, thereby, improving your bottom line.

How does it work?

Through our online platform, we help you take your menu items to the online space where your customers may be spending plenty of time.

We facilitate this process by creating a beautiful and functional website for you that’s connected to our platform—after all, a website is the digital home of your restaurant. Customers can order their favourite dishes on the website, and these are forwarded to your kitchen team directly, creating a seamless ordering experience for you and your customers.

Dawn or dusk, our online ordering system will enable you to feed your hungry customers that may not be able to physically be in your restaurant.

Get in touch with us to schedule a free demo with our team. Experience for yourself, how our order pad technology can transform your order taking process.