Boost brand loyalty with the WITMEG loyalty module

We deliver all the tools you need to implement an effective loyalty programme for your customers.

Building a loyal customer base is one of the primary business objectives of any business. After all, loyal customers ensure that your business has a steady source of income even when you are facing the toughest challenges as a business.

That said, creating brand loyalty is not a quick and easy process. You have to invest time and effort into building a brand that is near and dear to your customers and offers the best value.

Delivering your orders alone is not enough. You need the right tools and support to implement a loyalty programme that gives value to you and your customers.

The good news is that you can get all the tools and support you need to implement the perfect loyalty programme when you choose WITMEG. We designed our loyalty module to handle everything related to customer loyalty; managing individual customer profiles, tracking their loyalty points, running promotions, and more.

All you need to do is sign up to WITMEG and let us do the work for you and focus on what you do best; delivering the best customer experience for your customers!

Bringing together all your business processes to work in harmony is a key to running a successful, efficient, and profitable wholesale business. It’s easier said than done, however.

When you don’t have the right tools or support needed to centralise every aspect of your business, the task becomes that much harder. You may struggle to keep on top of everything happening in your business, leading to inefficiencies, unnecessary expenses, and disruptions in delivering your customer orders.

Struggle no more! With our Wholesale ERP system, you can integrate all your business processes into one easy-to-manage management system that allows you to focus on the most important objective; expanding your business with excellent customer service. You will never miss a thing when you have WITMEG.

Our integrated ERP solution will do all the heavy lifting for you. From resource planning to record-keeping to monitoring every onsite and offsite transaction—our wholesale ERP system can do all this, and a whole lot more.

Stay ahead of the competition and begin your journey towards business excellence when you choose WITMEG today!

What can our loyalty module do?

Managing customer accounts

Allocating loyalty points

Tracking loyalty point accumulation

Handling vouchers and point redemptions

Running offers and promotions

What you can do

Manage and track your teams’ performance

Track and monitor all payments

Obtain real-time information about inventory

Manage multiple stores and warehouses at once

Process customer-site orders in real-time

Access up-to-date sales reports

Manage your quotations

At WITMEG, we are passionate about helping businesses build a brand they are proud of. We deliver tools that support their journey to business excellence.

Contact us and schedule a free demo today if you are interested in learning more about our loyalty module.